The Top 5 Downloads of 2019!

    Dec 11, 2019 @ 02:30 AM / by Gerald Abbey

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    Global Mobility in 2019

    A new year is once again upon us. As we turn the page to 2020, it's important to take stock of what we learned in 2019, and the continued change we anticipate seeing across Global Mobility. Below, you'll find the top 5 downloads that have helped shape our views on where mobility is in 2019 and where it will go in 2020.

    From the ongoing saga of Brexit to the unrest in Hong Kong, we've seen geopolitical uncertainty disrupt business and impact international assignments across the globe. Tax changes in many countries are also influencing assignments and how companies move and manage talent.

    The 2019 Long-term Assignment Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive overview of policies and practices for temporary long-term international assignments and includes information from 185 best-practice companies representing a wide range of industries, headquarter countries, and program sizes. The 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey shares insights from companies leading the way toward Mobility's modernization and highlights key trends including:

    • Making good decisions
    • Ensuring effective governance
    • Communicating creatively

    View and access all five reports below and keep a look out for what's to come in 2020, including our Business Traveler Survey (early 2020), Executive Relocation Policy Benchmark (early 2020), and The 2020 Mobility Outlook Survey. Subscribe now to ensure you keep your finger on the pulse of Mobility in 2020 and beyond!


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    5. Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond

    Brexit makes 2019 an interesting year for the UK as negotiations come to a head. Most companies have contingency plans, but what additional steps can companies take to plan business decisions against the backdrop of the UK’s future relationship with Europe and the rest of the world?

    For HR and global mobility, there are non-negotiable employment factors to be managed, such as: immigration rules, right to work and settled status requirements and these have been covered extensively elsewhere.

    Download the full report by clicking below:



    Hong Kong Pulse Survey

    4. Pulse Survey Results: Assignees in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has been subject to ongoing street protests since June 2019. The protests have led to varying degrees of disruptions in daily living for residents, a sharp reduction in tourists visiting the city, and most recently, an economic downturn considered to be the worst since 2008.

    Key Takeaways:

    One third of the companies are actively considering several options in response to the ongoing protests, including:

    • Applying flexible work schedules for expatriates (and all employees) which includes working from home when it is considered inconvenient or unsafe to commute to work.
    • Providing additional security briefings and updates to staff.
    • Possible payment of a “hardship allowance” as financial inducement to undertake a new assignment or to retain staff on assignment.
    • Transferring assignees with families to another safer location.

    Access the complete study by clicking below:


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    3. U.S. Residual Tax and the Impact on Global Mobility Programs 

    The United States has the ignominious distinction of being one of only two countries in the world (along with Eritrea) that implements citizenship-based worldwide individual taxation.

    For U.S. citizens (and Green Card holders) living and working within the United States, the impact is relatively low as their earned income is not being taxed by foreign countries. However, for U.S. citizens living and working abroad, the citizenship-based taxation creates a compliance burden, potential for double taxation, and a potentially smaller cost savings while working in no- or low-tax countries.

    Learn about:

    • Home country residency and ongoing tax exposure
    • Double tax relief in general (FTC/EWP)
    • The most common mechanisms for relief
    • U.S.– Specific Rules
    • Products that consider U.S. residual tax
    • Case Studies: Low tax at host vs. high tax at host

    Download the complete results by clicking below:

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    2. The Long-Term Assignment (LTA) Benchmark Report 

    The 2019 LTA Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive overview of policies and practices for temporary long-term international assignments. In addition to a detailed look at pre- and post-assignment, relocation, and on-assignment benefits, the benchmark reviews pay and tax approaches, and highlights the trend toward greater flexibility both in policy configuration and in how benefits are delivered.

    The survey includes information from 185 best-practice companies representing a wide range of industries, headquarter countries, and program sizes.

    “Hands down the most detailed and useful benchmark report I have seen from any vendor to date.”

    - Senior Executive Reward Manager, FMCG firm, U.K.


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    2019 MOS

    1. The 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey

    Mobility is increasingly focused on delivering value to customers. To achieve this, many are leveraging technology and vendor partnerships to streamline operations and improve the Mobility experience.

    Proactively engaging customers for input, evergreen policy reviews, and searching the market for leading products, services, and technology are now part of Mobility’s regular activities. 

    Down the complete survey by clicking the button below:




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