The Challenges of Transportation in Casablanca

    Nov 05, 2019 @ 07:00 AM / by Philli Wong

    Public Bus Transportation in Casablanca, Morocco

    A bus in Casablanca, Morocco. Photo taken by AIRINC Surveyor Philli Wong.

    Public transportation in Casablanca, Morocco

    Despite the availability of options, public transportation in Casablanca feels prohibitive. The bus system is not really an option for expats or visitors as the vehicles are old and falling apart. The tram is modern, but stops are limited, and it doesn’t connect with major malls, hotels, or restaurants.

    There are two kinds of taxis. Petit red taxis are metered and cheap, but vehicles are old and don’t have air-conditioning, which can be uncomfortable in the hot Casablanca summers. White MVP taxis are plentiful and often wait outside hotels and malls. They are air-conditioned and appear comfortable, though having to bargain with drivers about the fare is annoying.


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    Rideshare Apps in Casablanca 

    Rideshare apps feature nicer cars that accept online credit card payment. The major shortcoming is low availability. Also, there have been tensions between rideshare and taxi drivers. Rideshare drivers are very cautious about airport and train station pickups and they may even cancel a ride upon arriving at a sensitive pick up point.

    Rideshares ended up being my favorite mode of transportation on my Casablanca survey, even though I had to wait for a longer time, endure one or two cancelations, and often had to walk two blocks away from my hotel to be picked up.



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    Philli Wong

    Written by Philli Wong

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