The 2020 Remote Work Playbook [Download]

    Oct 22, 2020 @ 12:18 PM / by Gerald Abbey

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    How can you effectively manage Remote Work?

    In the likely case that remote work is here to stay, an agile mobility team can play an important role in effectively managing remote work. This guide offers a framework for how your mobility departments can assist your organization in developing policies and processes to manage a compliant and productive remote workforce.

    Creating the Playbook:

    At first glance, remote work seems simple, but it quickly becomes clear that
    it requires broad expertise to appropriately manage. Input is needed from the business, HR, tax, finance, legal, and sometimes immigration/relo.

    Mobility already works with each of these stakeholders, and therefore is
    well-positioned to own or assist with remote work policy/governance. This is another step toward mobility’s continued growth from relocation into
    a strategic talent deployment function.


    2020 Remote Work Playbook - Table for Blog Post

    An excerpt from AIRINC's 2020 Remote Work Playbook


    Download the 2020 Remote Work Playbook to learn:

    • The types of remote work and patterns we may experience
    • How it fits in with the overall talent/business strategy
    • Policy and governance considerations
    • Creating process and tools to scale and manage these programs

    Get started on the future of Remote Work at your company by downloading your copy of AIRINC's 2020 Remote Work Playbook today:

    Download PDF


    Defining Emerging Talent Deployment Strategies

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