The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: Your Per Diem from AIRINC

    Aug 03, 2016 @ 02:05 PM / by Gerald Abbey

    A scenic downtown view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as seen by AIRINC's on-site cost of living surveyor in 2016

    The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are finally set to start this Friday, August 5, after months and years of anticipation.  Though only lasting just over two weeks, the global coverage of these games has put Brazil on an unparalleled world stage.    

    If you are going to all or part of the competition in Rio, you’ll need to know some costs to budget accordingly.  To help, AIRINC has pulled data from our short-term allowance calculator to display the cost of a taxi ride, a celebratory dinner, a hotel stay, and a ticket to one of the main events – the Men’s gold medal basketball game.



    Family of 4:

    Price of ticket to the Gold Medal game of Men’s Basketball

    350.00 R$

    1,400.00 R$

    Price of a taxi ride to the game

    15.00 R$

    15.00 R$

    Price of a celebratory dinner after the game in Rio

    80.00 R$

    320.00 R$

    Price of a hotel

    895.79 R$

    895.79 R$

    A view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil showing the beach and an intricate sand sculpture of the city as seen by AIRINC's on-site cost of living surveyor in 2016

    One of AIRINC’s hallmarks is its approach to cost of living data collection. We send our own centrally trained, in-house professional staff to over 300 locations around the world to collect market basket prices and meet with real estate and relocation professionals to assess expatriate housing. Our Boston, Brussels, and Hong Kong based surveyors collect and analyze global cost of living data for both goods and services and expatriate housing and visit many cities throughout Brazil twice a year.

     If you'd like to learn more about AIRINC, the leader in Global Mobility, please follow the link here to our website.

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    Gerald Abbey

    Written by Gerald Abbey