Shape the Future of Mobility for Entry-Level Employees!

    Mar 09, 2018 @ 03:20 PM / by Michelle Curran


    Does your company fill entry-level positions with cross-border hires?

    This is an emerging area of employee recruitment and relocation that is not yet well-formed. On the one hand, companies are seeking low cost ways to fill empty entry-level roles. On the other hand, potential early career employees expect excellent online experiences and curated support from their employers.

    We are inviting you to participate in a benchmark to find out how companies support entry-level employees in this situation.

    We are conducting this research in partnership with Benivo, who specializes in affordable solutions for entry to mid-level talent mobility support.

    As a mobility expert, we are keen to get your views on how best to manage mobility for this population—from pre-boarding through to relocating and on-boarding. By participating in the survey, you will receive a report with aggregate results and market benchmarks, so you can see how your company compares to peers, see where you are ahead of the competition, and discover areas you might want to adjust.

    Complete the survey now by clicking below. The survey closes on March 31, 2018. Please feel free to share with any HR colleague or department within your company!

    How do you compare?

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    Michelle Curran

    Written by Michelle Curran