Salary Evaluation for Cross-Border Transfers [Download]

    Oct 15, 2020 @ 12:45 PM / by Genie Martens

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    Examining the rise of cross-border, intra-company transfers

    The increasing use of cross-border, intra-company transfers to meet global staffing needs is presenting new challenges to compensation professionals. Comparing the pre- and post-transfer compensation offering is generally straightforward when the move is domestic, but can become complex when two different countries are involved.

    Global differences in pay levels, benefits, currencies, taxes, and living costs can make it difficult to assess whether a particular pay offer might be attractive to a candidate living and working in another country.

    Having a robust system to compare the value of pre- and post-transfer compensation can help an organization assess whether a particular transfer is feasible. The comparisons can also be used to form a clear picture of the actual economic impact of a transfer which can be used to refine a particular offer or enhance communication with the candidate.


    Learn about:

    • Setting the compensation package
    • Sample Affinity Matrix
    • Benefits of systematic evaluation
    • Case studies
    • Other considerations

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    Genie Martens

    Written by Genie Martens

    As a senior member of AIRINC’s Client Engagement team and Advisory Consultant, Genie counsels Global 500 companies on designing, implementing and managing effective mobility programs for their international employees. With over thirty years of experience in the field of global mobility, Genie’s areas of expertise include mobility program and pay design, and development of data solutions to support mobility programs. Genie frequently interacts with clients and their stakeholders in business case presentations and workshops, and has traveled to over forty countries in connection with these activities. She works with a diverse range of industries including consumer goods, EPCM, financial services, energy and non-profit sectors. Genie is also focused on providing support to existing programs with respect to communications, training and problem-solving, and is a frequent contributor and speaker at AIRINC’s educational seminars and roundtables.