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Borderless Pay Insights: Changing Executive Compensation for the 21st Century

Raising the Bar for Executive Compensation

As you may have seen, PwC and AIRINC have developed a business relationship on Executive Compensation benchmarking via our Borderless Pay Insights. We are excited about the relationship that will add further expertise and insights.

Today, I wanted to share with you why PwC chose to work with AIRINC on the unique value and approach that Borderless Pay Insights provides to participants. Scott Olsen's (US People and Organization Leader – Tax at PwC) recent blog post summed it up nicely. Below, I've included some highlights, and I encourage you to click the "Read more" button below to review his brief and poignant thoughts on this game-changing advancement in how we view and analyze executive compensation.


Instead of relying on “benchmark” jobs (which may comprise only 50% or less of overall executive positions), the Borderless database includes data on all executive roles, across all countries.

...new roles are emerging in many industries and companies. “e-commerce” and “digital” are characteristics of marketing roles that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. Operations roles may now include “supply chain” and “sustainability” skills. It is hard for traditional compensation surveys to keep up with these new and hybrid roles.

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