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    Nov 12, 2021 @ 11:07 AM / by Andrea Downing


    Partnering with AIRINC: How to get the mobility data your clients need!

    As you know, there is increasing pressure in the Mobility industry for vendors to offer a one-stop-shop approach in providing services to clients. At AIRINC we are increasingly partnering with RMCs, DSPs, Tax and Consultancy firms to provide them and their clients with the most appropriate data and advice for their cross border deployments.

    You're invited to join our vendor 'deminar' series!

    Whether you have worked with us in the past or if working with us is a new proposition, we’d like to showcase our new technology, and through case study examples demonstrate how easy it is to obtain and work with AIRINC data and tools.

    A link to sign up to each session is provided below. Live sessions in multiple time zones. You can join all or any that are of interest:

    Note: these deminars are targeted towards vendors/partners, for those in Global Mobility corporate, see our upcoming webinars.

    Part 1. AIRINC data: Cost Estimates 

    November 17, sessions running at 2:00 PM Hong Kong,11:00 AM UK and 10:00 AM Eastern (US).

    Using AIRINC’s Assignment Cost Estimator, learn how to create accurate cost estimates for short-term, home-based long-term, and local plus moves. 

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    Part 2. AIRINC data: Local/Permanent Moves 

    December 1, sessions running at 2:00 PM Hong Kong, 11:00 AM UK and 10:00 AM Eastern (US).

    Learn how to establish a local pay offer using AIRINC’s Host Pay Calculator and calculate relocation lump sums 

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    Part 3a. AIRINC data: Domestic Relocations 

    December 7, 10:00 AM  Eastern (US)

    Learn how to assess local salaries & geographic pay differences for your client's domestic relocations, and how to deliver employee relocation assistance using AIRINC's location-specific domestic solutions.

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    Part 3b. AIRINC data: Long-term Assignments 

    December 8, sessions running at 2:00 PM Hong Kong and 11:00 AM UK 

    Learn how to create a balance sheet using AIRINC’s International Assignment Calculator.

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    For more information on partnering with AIRINC and all the mobility data your clients need contact us.

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    Andrea Downing

    Written by Andrea Downing

    Andrea joined AIRINC in 2014 as a Client Solutions Executive with over fifteen years’ experience in global mobility with expatriate data consultancies. Andrea is the first point of contact for clients within the EMEA region that are managing their first international assignments; she also develops relationships with partner companies in EMEA. Andrea’s experience ranges from conducting pricing surveys to managing consulting projects, providing a full understanding of all the issues clients face with cross-border moves. Andrea has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Biological Sciences from Middlesex University.