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Open Access: Reliable and accurate cost estimates for short-term, long-term, and host plus assignments!

Mar 12, 2019 @ 06:40 AM / by Gerald Abbey

Limited-time free trial access to the Assignment Cost Estimator

Assignment Cost Estimator

If you've never heard of the Assignment Cost Estimator, affectionately referred to as ACE at AIRINC, it is a tool that we created to produce reliable and accurate cost estimates for short-term, long-term, and host plus assignments. Whether you're part of a budding Global Mobility program or one with assignees across the globe, we invite you to take ACE for a spin to experience this time-tested, five-star rated tool for yourself.

With some basic employee information and a few clicks, you can create a real-time cost estimate quickly and easily. And, with the latest enhancements, the Assignment Cost Estimator is better than ever. Don't believe me - see for yourself!


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Calculate Cost Estimates Quickly for Short Term, Home-based, and Host Plus assignments

  • Accurately plan for employee assignments by understanding all of the costs including: Benefits, Allowances, and Taxes
  • Evaluate assignment options – cost transparency will help determine what type of assignment is best suited for the business need
  • Budget for assignment extensions – understand the implications when you cross a tax threshold (183 day rule)
  • Budget for group moves or other situations where you need to quickly assess the costs of multiple assignments at once
  • Tax calculations take into account the benefit delivery method, duration in host location, foreign tax credits, income tax treaties, nonresident tax rules, and more


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Gerald Abbey

Written by Gerald Abbey

Gerry currently fills a dual role as a manager of expatriate housing within AIRINC’s Data and Analysis Department and as Social Media Marketing Manager. As a member of the housing team since 2009, Gerry helps train cost of living surveyors in international housing data collection and analysis methodology, and also assists in the quarterly release of housing and utility data for over 500 locations. Due to the ever changing mobility needs of AIRINC’s clients, Gerry is also working with a product development team to enhance AIRINC’s housing tools to better service our clients’ needs. As the managing editor for content, style, and publication of AIRINC’s blog, Gerry is able to cross-connect his wealth of data experience into valuable content for our global professional following. Before joining AIRINC, Gerry spent two years living as an expatriate in Southeast Asia on a Fulbright Scholarship, teaching and researching international instructional methodology.