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Now you can get Your Allowances Your Way!

Sep 24, 2018 @ 01:03 PM / by Michelle Curran

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Do you need a turn-key technology platform to quickly calculate international allowances? Or perhaps a configurable solution that works with your company-specific policies and data?

The latest version of AIRINC’s International Assignment Calculator supports a comprehensive list of locations across a variety of different compensation sheet structures such as—balance sheets, split-pay arrangements, and host market-driven solutions.

Run compensation worksheets (past and present) as well as “what-if” calculations. Whether you have a new mobility program with a small number of assignees, or a large established program with thousands of assignees, the International Assignment Calculator is a flexible on-demand technology platform that efficiently provides access to Your Allowances Your Way.

International Assignment Calculator

  • Configure data to match your policies and practices 


- Choose the appropriate allowance level—align assignment purpose such as developmental/early career to executive 

- Apply caps to your allowances

- Create company-specific reports that can be quickly distributed to the business or employees


  • Aggregate the AIRINC allowances you need in one place with a variety of pre-configured options available


- Includes COLA, Housing, Hardship, and Income Tax


  • Fast, low-cost implementation


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Michelle Curran

Written by Michelle Curran