No Vacancy in Stockholm and a Rise in Employer-Backed Leases

    Mar 17, 2020 @ 03:31 PM / by Yimkwan Tsang

    Stockholm, SwedenStatue in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Zenab Tavakoli.

    Rental housing trends in Stockholm 

    The Stockholm housing rental market has been mostly stable over the last several months, despite a steady increase in demand. Rental units are challenging to find in this near-zero vacancy market and houses are especially limited. For new assignees, there has been an increase in demand for employer-backed leases and this trend is expected to grow.

    This landlord-driven market is pursuing company-bonded leases to ensure accountability for rental payments and care of the rental unit. For companies, this option can be enticing because they can choose to pay the rent and deduct housing cost from the assignee’s salary, or simply serve as a guarantor and allow the employees to manage payments.

    With the ever-present demand and severely limited supply, suburban areas have experienced recent growth and a mini-boom in popularity. One up-and-coming area is Hägersten, which is benefitting from the expensive prices of Central and other nearby neighbourhoods that are driving renters away. There is new construction of rental housing, but it remains limited and it is unlikely to change the extremely low vacancy rate.


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    Yimkwan Tsang

    Written by Yimkwan Tsang

    Yimkwan joined AIRINC in 2017 as a surveyor and analyst, and is currently serving as a Senior Research Analyst. Her primary responsibilities include conducting international pricing and housing surveys, and analyzing the returned data. She also assists in the production of AIRINC’s WeChat account. Prior to AIRINC, she worked in Ipsos and different academic settings for various types of research. Yimkwan received her B.S. in Applied Psychology from New York University, and her M.S. degree in Housing Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition to English, she speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. She is based in Hong Kong.