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Improving the Employee Experience for International Assignments

Feb 19, 2019 @ 12:30 AM / by Michelle Curran

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Do you like information on-demand?

Information on-demand allows you to make quicker decisions. With access to country/city reports for education costs, tax implications, transportation information, and assignment location summaries, you have access to key data elements based on our research and on-site experience. Our publications help to:

  • Quickly find out if public transportation is readily available and a viable commuting option for your assignees. The transportation report also summarizes car costs for many cities around the globe.
  • Ensure you have accurate estimates for education expenses which can be a significant part of international assignment costs.
  • Understand the relevant expatriate tax considerations for your assignment countries.
  • Provide an on-the-ground summary of experience for employees transferring to a location for the first time.


Learn more and view sample reports:

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Michelle Curran

Written by Michelle Curran