How does the price of a single Starbucks Espresso change around the World?

    Sep 08, 2016 @ 09:41 PM / by Gerald Abbey


    Starbucks in Helsinki, Finland as seen during AIRINC’s most recent on-site cost of living survey.

    How do caffeine costs compare?

    With stores in 70 countries, Starbucks has become synonymous with coffee throughout the world, and we collect the price of a single espresso from just about every country where a Starbucks exists! 

    As part of AIRINC’s data collection process, we travel to over three hundred cities annually to gather prices for a wide array of goods and services – everything from milk and eggs to cars and car repairs.


    Check out our Starbucks pricing results below!


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    • Most Expensive Espresso
      Zurich, Switzerland 4.77 USD
      Munich, Germany 4.67 USD
      Auckland, N.Z. 3.2 USD
      Helsinki, Finland 3.17 USD
      Geoje, Korea 3.15 USD
      Seoul, Korea 3.15 USD
      Ulsan, Korea 3.15 USD
      Muscat, Oman 3.11 USD
      Nicosia, Cyprus 3.11 USD
    • Least Expensive Espresso
      Lisbon, Portugal 1.18 USD
      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1.36 USD
      Lumut, Malaysia 1.45 USD
      Santa Cruz, Bolivia 1.46 USD
      Miri, Malaysia 1.47 USD
      Fort McMurray AB, Canada 1.57 USD
      Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 1.57 USD
      Calgary AB, Canada 1.65 USD
      Vancouver BC, Canada 1.65 USD
      Bangalore, India 1.69 USD

    What is the price of an espresso in my city?

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