How can you establish reliable airfare allowances?

    Aug 21, 2018 @ 12:31 PM / by Jonathan Nyquist

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    Dependable Data and Cost Management

    Airfare is an essential for a majority of international assignments, and dependable airfare data is crucial to effectively managing costs. Companies can spend millions in order to:

     AIRINC's Airfare Database

    Companies often struggle to find an accurate way to determine, administer, and update the provision of air travel. According to the 2018 Mobility Outlook Survey, 44% of companies address employee flexibility by providing cash in lieu of individual benefits, and 89% of companies are taking steps to improve the employee experience. Switching to cash allowances generates the need for credible data, which can be sourced from AIRINC’s Airfare Database.


    The Benefits of a Centralized Database

    The Airfare Database can help you:

    • Reduce administrative time and costs
    • Achieve consistency and fairness in your home leave program
    • Align allowances and estimates to your company’s policies
    • Assess different types of airfare
    • Define and support your program with the help of experts
    • Control the cost of air travel for your program



    The Airfare Database is designed to be flexible to each company’s unique travel policies and practices, and configurable options allow you to tailor your allowances to your company’s air travel policy. Learn more by clicking below, or click here to start the conversation about next steps now.

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    Jonathan Nyquist

    Written by Jonathan Nyquist

    Jonathan currently works in Product Management as director of AIRINC’s data products. In this capacity, he is always on the lookout for ways we can develop our data offerings—COLA, Housing, Hardship, Tax, Airfare, Transportation, and Publications—in alignment the evolving needs of global mobility, either through enhancing our current suite or adding new products to it. Jonathan joined AIRINC in 2006 as a cost-of-living surveyor, conducting 70 surveys in over 50 countries and loving nearly every minute of it (the food poisoning in Antananarivo being an exception). After two years, he moved on to analysis work around our COLA calculations, and then took over management of the global survey and research process in 2010. He received his B.A. in International Relations from Brown University and the Diploma of the International Program from IEP Paris (Sciences Po). In addition to English, Jonathan speaks French and German.