How can you effectively innovate and implement in Global Mobility?

    Jun 29, 2020 @ 05:45 AM / by Grace Kernohan

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    Innovative approaches to mobility

    This past Wednesday, AIRINC hosted a webinar with Kerwin Guillermo, Global Head of Employee Mobility at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, and Inez Nomidis, Director of Advisory Services in America for AIRINC, in a show and tell of the innovative approaches to mobility at HPE. The discussion focused on differentiated investments, “Pay for Performance,” and Making Good Mobility Decisions.

    Every journey begins with "Why?"

    Kerwin introduced his philosophy for mobility by stating that, for him, every journey begins with “Why?”. He explained that he believes his program can accomplish more by understanding the goal behind each action in mobility, whether it relates to the business or to the employee. He also shared that building mobility’s reputation within the business is important; Kerwin noted that as he deployed successful initiatives, he would then invite his external business partners to share their success stories on his behalf. By having others advocate for you and for mobility, you increase mobility’s capacity for accomplishments.


    By having others advocate for you and for mobility, you increase mobility’s capacity for accomplishments.


    Differentiated Investments

    In their work on differentiated investments, Inez and Kerwin focused on how HPE used videos to communicate mobility strategy. HPE had already done the challenging work of embracing widely accepted HR philosophies like differentiated investments and applied them to mobility; they then had to communicate this approach more broadly in order to inform managers, promote their market competitiveness, and improve employee experience. By creatively using videos to communicate their message, they were able to incorporate curated and easily digestible content for all audiences.

   to incorporate curated and easily digestible content for all audiences.


    Pay for Performance 

    In his “Pay for Performance” initiative, Kerwin emphasized that by redefining why talent is rewarded on assignment, he was able to refocus mobility on rewarding great performance, rather than just permitting employee entitlement. By asking why HPE was supporting the culture of entitlement, Kerwin was able to foster a solution that would inspire their employees to perform better and would reward them when they did so.


    ...foster a solution that would inspire their employees to perform better and would reward them when they did so.


    Making Good Mobility Decisions

    Finally, Kerwin shared his enthusiasm for making good mobility decisions, which is achieved through a dynamic approach to comparing cost and other key factors in talent decisions. Companies, like HPE in the past, can struggle with showcasing their mobility products and investment strategies, as well as making good decisions. With his approach to making good mobility decisions, Kerwin shared that he was able to improve ROI and increase internal compliance. He shared that this also helps HPE to guide employees to making good career decisions by sharing information with them.


    ...improve ROI and increase internal compliance.


    Learn how to make successful, lasting change possible

    HPE has an inspiring commitment to innovation and mobility. I’d like to thank Kerwin and Inez for the informative webinar. Have questions? Let us know!

    Want to learn more about how to make successful change possible? Access the recording for this exciting webinar by clicking the button below now:

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