Hong Kong Protests and the Impact on Expatriates [update]

    Aug 19, 2019 @ 12:17 PM / by Morgan Grenier

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    Hong Kong skyline showing the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Bank of China Tower. Photo courtesy of AIRINC Surveyor Yimkwan Tsang.

    Protests in Hong Kong

    Since June, Hong Kong has seen unprecedented protests, larger and more frequent than any in the country’s recent history. We have increased the hardship scoring of Hong Kong in response to the rise in political volatility. While the majority of protests are planned ahead and concentrated in specific areas, security incidents have occurred without warning in other locations, including metro stations. During protests, pepper spray and similar substances used by police can disperse indiscriminately past directed areas and cause eye and throat irritation for bystanders. Conflicts between various groups have the potential to become unpredictable and increase risk to uninvolved parties.

    While protests have largely been peaceful, incidents of violence have taken place among police, pro-democracy demonstrators, pro-government groups, and others. Protests can impede travel around the city, and in recent weeks, have disrupted international travel through the Hong Kong International Airport. We are continuing to closely monitor developments in Hong Kong and will assess the need for further adjustment to the hardship scoring. 


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    Looking Ahead:

    AIRINC will continue to monitor the developments in Hong Kong closely. For information about how this score increase impacts your assignee’s allowances, contact your AIRINC representative. You can also click below now:

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    Morgan Grenier

    Written by Morgan Grenier

    Morgan graduated with a BA in Communications and Journalism from Simmons College, where she received a Gold Medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. She joined AIRINC in 2016 as a Goods and Services Analyst. In this role, she aids in the quarterly analysis of survey data and evaluates hardship for AIRINC’s Hardship Database.