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Data Points: A selection of AIRINC cost-of-living survey results

Data Points: A selection of AIRINC cost-of-living survey results

The results are in! Data Points, AIRINC's quarterly newsletter, is now available on our website at

Data Points brings you the latest updates from our Housing, Goods & Services, and Tax departments. These highlights are based on our expert international surveys, which are conducted on location by our global data collection team. This quarter's cost-of-living surveys were conducted primarily in North America, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and maritime Southeast Asia-Pacific.

Expatriate Trends & Survey Data Highlights:

  • Rents decreasing in Brazil, Nicaragua, Panama, Ghana, and more
  • Nairobi supermarkets - Kenya's Nakumatt has fallen from its peak!
  • Alcohol and "Sin Tax" in the Gulf region
  • China tax reform


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