Does your country pay more than the world average for a gallon/liter of gasoline?

While the world average price of gas has dropped from 1.43 USD per liter in 2014 to 1.17 USD per liter in 2018, prices have been trending upward in many countries including the Middle East, where gas prices typically see little change. Oi-rich nations, many of which have historically subsidized national costs, are being forced to reduce subsidies in response to persistently low global prices.

What causes gas price disparity between countries? Some factors that affect the price of gas include taxes, subsidies, and exchange rates. Also, some countries produce their own oil while others must import their oil.

Cost of gas in OPEC nations

Gas prices: Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

How many liters / gallons of gas can you get for 10 USD in Venezuela vs. Bermuda?

How much gas can you get for 10 USD around the world?

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