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Exploring the use of One-Way Transfers in the Technology Industry, September 28th

Sep 14, 2017 @ 08:51 AM / by Gerald Abbey

In case you missed it, the recording from our September 28th webinar is now available. Join us as we explore the use of one-way transfers in the technology industry.

We discuss:

  • The unique factors that drive the use of one-way transfers
  • The common benefits/allowances provided
  • Tools that companies use to support these moves
  • Questions and answers


In 30 minutes, you will come away with an understanding of mobility within the technology industry and guidance on how to create a successful one-way move program. Click below to register and access the webinar recording!

Access Webinar Recording

Topics: Mobility Policy, Webinars, Host Pay Calculator, Training and E-Learning, Thought Leadership, Salary Evaluation Tool

Gerald Abbey

Written by Gerald Abbey