Expatriate Recreation and Tourism in Manama, Bahrain

    Dec 24, 2019 @ 12:15 AM / by Philli Wong

    Avenue Mall Bahrain-1

    Inside one of the many malls in Manama, Bahrain. Photo taken during an AIRINC on-site survey.

    The Malls of Manama

    During my recent survey, I visited the Avenue Mall in Manama, a seafront mall stretching for 1.5 km. It reminded me of the Avenue Mall in Kuwait because it provides an outdoor feeling with large glass windows and skylights, while protecting shoppers from the burning sun. As anyone that’s traveled to Bahrain knows, the country is a popular destination for residents of Saudi Arabia seeking recreation and malls are one of the top attractions. Numerous expatriates and Saudi Arabians visit Bahrain for the shopping, movies, restaurants, waterparks, and other activities.

    As I finished my survey of the Avenue Mall, I walked through the parking lot and noticed the prevalence of foreign license plates, most of which came from Saudi Arabia. During my real estate meetings, I mentioned this observation and was told that the weekend brings even more tourists into Bahrain.

    Given Saudi Arabia opened its first cinemas last year, I thought that might decrease these visits to Bahrain. I then spoke with a Saudi Arabian visitor, who explained that although they now have their own cinemas, seats are still limited and tickets need to be booked a few days in advance, making the drive to Bahrain still worth it.



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    Philli Wong

    Written by Philli Wong

    Philli joined AIRINC in 2011 as a researcher, she moved to the client engagement team in 2020, and joined the marketing team in 2021. Philli primarily looks after the Chinese-speaking market, and coordinates marketing activities in APAC. While in her researcher role, Philli conducted researches in over 200 locations in more than 90 countries. Philli received her B.A. in Chinese Business Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University, and gained experience in a Chinese financial institute prior to joining AIRINC. In addition to English, Philli speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and intermediate Spanish. She is based in Hong Kong, and her clients are based in Greater China.