Expatriate Life in Belize City [5-minute read]

    Jan 04, 2019 @ 02:30 AM / by Philli Wong

     Belize City, Belize as seen during an on-site survey. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Philli Wong. Belize City, Belize as seen during our recent on-site survey. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Philli Wong.

    Availability and Outlets

    Over the past decade of surveying Belize City, availability and outlets in our goods and services survey have changed very little. The same two supermarkets remain the best options in town–Brodie’s and Save U. These outlets offer a decent selection of grocery items and some imports, but an assignee may have to visit more than one shop on a shopping trip in order to get particular ingredients. There is moderate availability of personal care goods, and quality furniture and household appliances can be found at outlets such as Court’s and Mirab’s. Availability of clothing here remains low. It is common to see clothing in grocery stores, but it is of low quality and unlikely to be purchased by assignees. Almost all assignees in Belize purchase new items they need or want while on home leave or on trips to Miami or Mexico, which are conveniently close for weekend trips.

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    Expatriate Recreation

    Weekend trips are common here, as aside from outdoor activities, entertainment is limited in relaxed Belize City. There is one small movie theatre, which is located in a hotel, and typically shows movies from the United States. While in the past new releases premiered later than in the US, most movies now premiere on their US release date or within a few days. There is limited availability for traditional gym fitness clubs outside of those found in hotels, but there is a small yoga studio in town and CrossFit is popular. It is difficult to find sports recreational gear such as golf balls, tennis balls, and board games. While some books can be found around the city, variety is low and no international magazines or newspapers are available. Restaurant selection in Belize City is also very limited and you won’t find major chains here.

    Product Consistency

    Availability (while low) is typically consistent in the country, but there are occasional shortages, such as fuel, medications, medical supplies, and staff. Belize City and Belmopan are typically less impacted than the rest of the country, and for medical shortages, private hospitals are mostly unaffected. Overall, Belize City offers a mild climate, relaxed culture and abundant nature, but a less than comprehensive basket of available goods, and limited entertainment options.

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    Philli Wong

    Written by Philli Wong

    Philli joined AIRINC in 2011 as a surveyor and analyst. Today she is the longest serving full-time surveyor. Philli has surveyed 200 locations for AIRINC covering all the continents. She speaks English, Chinese, Spanish, and is picking up other useful languages along the way.