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Global companies, like many of those with operations in the Houston area, are routinely faced with the complex challenges of sending employees on foreign assignments.

Besides the considerable preparation that goes into the employee relocation process, there are also specific issues concerning compensation that may impact both the company and the employee. For that reason, up-front planning and understanding are essential for both parties.

Neither the company nor the employee want to be hit with surprises when it comes to compensation, payroll and the subsequent tax implications when an employee leaves the home country to work on assignment in a foreign location.

Morgan Crosby is global director of advisory services for AIRINC (Associates for International Research Inc.) headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. AIRINC is a consultancy firm that works with companies worldwide to develop a suite of mobility policies as needed for governing global workforces. Crosby works closely with oil and gas companies, and leads AIRINC's consulting business.

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