Employee Experience in 2018: Do you have the best tools to influence your cross-border moves?

    Mar 19, 2018 @ 11:24 AM / by Weston Hicks

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    Ensure that employees understand the financial impact of a cross-border move – or risk losing key candidates!

    There is a growing trend of global companies using International Transfers to meet their global staffing needs. In our recent blog post, Morgan Crosby (AIRINC, Vice President Americas) detailed the benefits of providing a potential transferee with easily digestible information about the financial impacts of such a proposed transfer. This type of personalized, up-front information about the value of the salary offer helps to enhance the employee experience and increases the likelihood of successful transfers. And doesn’t everyone want a transfer to be successful?

    Information presented in this form can be used by HR or hiring managers to supplement person to person briefings, or as part of an on-line self-service model, both simplifying and streamlining the process.



    Employee Perspective: What financial factors need to be considered?

    • How does the salary being offered compare to current salary with respect to take-home pay?
    • How far does take-home pay go in the new vs current location?


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    Sample Salary Evaluation Tool report. Click to download.

    Here's the Employee-focused Report designed to make your job easier:

    AIRINC’s Salary Evaluation Tool is specifically focused on making a financial comparison between what an employee has today versus what it costs to live in another place as a local. The tool produces a report in moments once the user enters the pre-transfer and post transfer salaries and family size. A benefit of the design is that it helps hiring managers knowledgably discuss the financials of a move, whether with the transferee or with other stakeholders involved in the move.

    In addition, AIRINC can design an employee-focused report format specific to your organization’s brand, which is accessed as a download option from the tool. This type of report can be directly shared with a candidate to help them understand exactly what the company is offering and how that will impact their standard of living.

    Click below learn how you could better inform your international transfers:

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    Weston Hicks

    Written by Weston Hicks

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