Dublin Rental Market Continues to Rise

    Feb 11, 2019 @ 12:15 AM / by Emily Thomas

    Dublin, Ireland as seen during a recent AIRINC cost of living survey.Dublin, Ireland as seen during a recent AIRINC cost of living survey.

    Demand outweighing Supply

    Residential rents continued to rise in Dublin and throughout the country even as sales prices stagnated. With hundreds of international pharma, medical device, and tech companies employing thousands of local transferees and expat assignees in Dublin, the city has long suffered a rental crisis with an undersupply of rental stock and huge demand from professional national and expatriate workers. To exacerbate the supply problem even more, many long-term lettings are being converted to short-term via services like Airbnb.

    With BREXIT looming and Ireland offering a friendly business market, the country has recently attracted even more multinational companies including leaders in tech, social media, professional services and financials. Particularly for finance and banking companies, Dublin has become a new hub for EU or EMEA headquarters.

    The Irish government has taken some steps to curb inflation by introducing a 4% cap on rent increases and also removed a long-standing law restricting the height of new apartment buildings. Nevertheless, supply and development of new supply remains limited.


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    Your International Housing Needs

    Does this sound familiar: while on assignment, your employees want the flexibility to choose the rental housing that meets their specific needs? And who wouldn't want that?

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    There's a simple solution to make 2019 your best year in housing yet! Use AIRINC's flexible approach that mirrors the way assignees experience a market. Access ready-to-use housing budgets by job level/grade and family size for expatriates and other cross-border assignments.


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