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Do you have a reliable source for calculating airfare allowances?

May 10, 2019 @ 01:35 PM / by Gerald Abbey




Quickly and easily calculate airfare for travel allowances:

Save time and source credible data for your budgets with AIRINC's Airfare Database. This database is flexible with various options to align with your travel practices and policy.


Some options include:


  • Trip Types: Round-trip airfare for home leave allowances or house-hunting estimatesRelocation lump sum


  • Time Frames: peak or non-peak costs can be reflected in the fares


  • Class of Airfare: Economy and business classes are available


  • Booking Restrictions: Refundable and non-refundable fares are available for all classes of airfare


  • Routes: The database can support your routes, common or unique 


AIRINC's Airfare Database


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Get results from aggregated data and proven analysis!

AIRINC airfares are based on aggregated data and analysis. Data is gathered quarterly. At least 10 to 20 individual fares are collected for each route each quarter to create a robust average. Numerous file outputs are supported to deliver the data in the format you need. Hear what our clients are saying, and book your ticket to reliable, cost-effective airfare budgets today!


Flexibility to meet your evolving needs:

The Airfare Database is designed to be flexible to each company’s unique travel policies and practices, and configurable options allow you to tailor your allowances to your company’s air travel policy. Learn more by clicking below, or click here to start the conversation about next steps now.

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Gerald Abbey

Written by Gerald Abbey

Gerry currently fills a dual role as a manager of expatriate housing within AIRINC’s Data and Analysis Department and as Social Media Marketing Manager. As a member of the housing team since 2009, Gerry helps train cost of living surveyors in international housing data collection and analysis methodology, and also assists in the quarterly release of housing and utility data for over 500 locations. Due to the ever changing mobility needs of AIRINC’s clients, Gerry is also working with a product development team to enhance AIRINC’s housing tools to better service our clients’ needs. As the managing editor for content, style, and publication of AIRINC’s blog, Gerry is able to cross-connect his wealth of data experience into valuable content for our global professional following. Before joining AIRINC, Gerry spent two years living as an expatriate in Southeast Asia on a Fulbright Scholarship, teaching and researching international instructional methodology.