Create lump sum payments or managed cap calculations specific to your program

    Oct 25, 2019 @ 06:22 AM / by Michelle Curran

    Lump sum calcluator


    It's time to reduce the administrative burden of researching and calculating allowances, and ensure consistency across your organization! Now you can:

    1. Create data-driven payments that align with your policies and practices (whether domestic or international)

    • Use AIRINC's readily available data or configure your own
    • Choose from a suite of calculations based on typical market practice
    • Exclude allowances, add new ones, or configure a calculation to work for you

    2. Access lump sums and managed caps online, or via a web-service

    • Flexible calculations
    • End-to-end support
    • Batch capabilities available when running large volumes of calculations

    Use our Lump Sum tool to calculate data for airfare, meals, transportation, accommodation, house hunting, final move, temporary living, home leave, flexible budgets for employees, and so much more.

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