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Competitive Pay Assessment for Global Talent, PwC, and AIRINC

Mar 02, 2018 @ 11:24 AM / by Steve Brink

Borderless Pay and a Joint Venture between PwC and AIRINC

Borderless Pay and a Joint Venture between PwC and AIRINC

I am excited to share that we have formed a joint business arrangement with PwC for Borderless Pay Insights!

Borderless Pay Insights is a new concept and tool designed by practitioners to help companies assess the pay of top critical talent for global companies. The tool provides Total Reward Leaders access to truly global market data for senior leaders including all compensation elements for all types of packages. Since data is collected on individuals rather than matched jobs, participating companies can access not only compensation data, but also cross-company labor-market analyses.

Scott Olsen, US People and Organization Co-leader at PwC, comments:

“AIRINC has developed an impressive and innovative Total Rewards concept and database and we are very pleased to join them on this initiative. The context of the business strategy and company performance is key when assessing rewards. The Borderless Pay Insights database stands alone in addressing the new and challenging issues of today’s global market for talent. We will be leveraging our advice and strong Executive Pay experience to enhance the Borderless Pay Insights database. We are excited about this opportunity.”

Borderless Pay and a Joint Venture between PwC and AIRINC

Borderless Pay Insights addresses today’s challenges, something that the same old approaches to assessing competitive pay for top leaders cannot do:

  • Jobs are increasingly difficult to match
  • Hybrid roles are increasingly important based upon the context of your specific organization
  • Competitiveness of pay is not limited to country boundaries
  • Data for jobs using a single global salary structure are not captured in country-specific surveys
  • Top management expatriates are generally excluded altogether
  • Organizations search for top management candidates across countries, regions and globally


With PwC’s technical capabilities, market intelligence, and analytics, they are an ideal partner to bring Borderless Pay Insights to leading global companies and enhance the premier source of assessing competitive pay for global talent. We believe that Borderless Pay Insights is an invaluable tool that will provide leaders with the insights on their global talent needs for today’s world.

Learn more about Borderless Pay Insights:

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Steve Brink

Written by Steve Brink

Since joining in late 2008, Steve drives AIRINC to an enhanced vision and growth strategy to address the ever-changing challenges of workforce globalization. Under his leadership, AIRINC has expanded its global footprint, released innovative solutions, increased the customer base including new verticals and continued to build upon the proud tradition of AIRINC as the premium provider of information, advice and technology in global mobility. Prior to joining AIRINC, Steve was the Global Leader and Worldwide Partner at Mercer responsible for its Information and Software businesses. As part of his global leadership role, he was based in Geneva, Switzerland, and has significant work experience in all regions of the globe. He is a frequent speaker on international HR issues and trends. Prior to his fourteen years at Mercer, he served as an Operations Manager at Towers Perrin, with a focus on HR software tools and global job evaluation systems. Steve has been teaching the Quantitative Analysis course at the WorldatWork organization since 1990. Steve has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.S. in Economics from the University of North Texas.