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COLA Change Report - helping you communicate proactively with employees

Sep 20, 2019 @ 06:33 AM / by Gerald Abbey

Why did my annual COLA go down by EUR 569? AIRINC's COLA Change Report explains it all!

Excerpt from AIRINC's employee-ready Cola Change Report. Reach out today to learn more!

New COLA [Cost of Living Allowance] Change Report

We are excited to announce the addition of this complimentary report, available exclusively on our International Assignment Calculator. You can proactively enhance the assignee experience through a more transparent and personalized communication.

Each report is individualized to reflect changes in an assignee’s specific COLA amount and explain the reasons behind the change. 

Request a demo of the COLA Change Report today.


What does the COLA Change Report do? 

The COLA change report answers assignee questions in an easy-to-understand visual report. It covers:

  • Increases/decreases in COLA
  • Exchange rate impact
  • Inflation Impact

And the best part? There is no additional cost for this report!


cola change image

Excerpt from AIRINC's employee-ready Cola Change Report. 


Reach out today to learn more!

Click here to contact a client engagement representative today or click below to read more about the COLA Change Report:

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Gerald Abbey

Written by Gerald Abbey