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Brexit's Latest Impact on London Housing: The Brexit Clause

Mar 18, 2019 @ 02:00 AM / by Zach Rossignol

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London Housing Market

London has registered eight consecutive down quarters in real estate sales. Though the decline is not entirely due to Brexit, the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit has shaken the confidence of many potential investors and home-buyers. Conversely, the lettings market remains stable, if not competitive, with demand above the available housing supply on the market.

'Brexit Clause' for Lease Agreements

I conducted our recent London survey in November of 2018 and one of the most interesting items that our real estate sources discussed is the prevalence of a “Brexit Clause” in leases. These clauses allow tenants to move out early with no penalty if their residency is suddenly drawn into question due to an immigration issue raised by whatever Brexit deal is signed.

All real estate sources I spoke with agreed that whether it’s a soft or hard Brexit, everything has the potential to change. Most projections indicate that regardless of how it is executed, Brexit will undoubtedly weigh on economic growth and the real estate market, both sales and rentals.


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Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond

AIRINC will continue to closely monitor all Brexit developments and will be on-site next in May of 2019. If you’d like to learn more about our latest thoughts on Brexit and international business, please download our White Paper, Effective Employee Relocation Planning for Brexit and Beyond:



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Zach Rossignol

Written by Zach Rossignol

Zach joined AIRINC in the summer of 2013 as a Data Analyst & Surveyor and for the past three years, he has thoroughly enjoyed gallivanting about the globe, meeting with realtors, and collecting prices for cost-of-living analyses for our clients.