Berlin - November 5th: Global Mobility Kaffee und Kuchen Briefing [Event]

    Sep 06, 2019 @ 07:28 AM / by Mira Pathak

    Berlin, Germany viewed from above the Spree River.

    5 November 2019 | 14.30 Uhr - 17.00 Uhr | International Club Berlin

    This autumn, AIRINC is hosting a Kaffee und Kuchen briefing and an interactive Global Mobility discussion. There will be opportunities to network with your global mobility peers throughout the afternoon.

    Assignment types and offerings have greatly expanded beyond the traditional long-term assignment - yet these still remain the most common in the market. We will explore the current trends regarding companies' approaches to traditional long-term assignments.

    Additionally, with a fresh perspective on housing, we will take a detailed look at accommodation practices, the market trends and how housing costs can be more effectively managed.

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    Mira Pathak

    Written by Mira Pathak

    Mira has been working in Global Mobility since 2006. Originally from Germany, she was based in London for the majority of her working life. She joined AIRINC’s London office in 2018 as a client solutions manager specifically for the German market and relocated back there in early 2019 to support clients on the ground.