Are domestic relocation policies “broken”? [Poll]

    Oct 27, 2021 @ 08:20 AM / by Morgan Crosby



    At AIRINC we are hearing more and more about issues with current domestic relocation policies. Some of the things we are hearing:

    • Employees are asking for more flexibility to meet their needs
    • Employees are asking why they have to relocate if the office is closed or they are only expected in the office 2 days a week
    • Employees are asking if they can commute domestically rather than relocate
    • Policies are really helpful at selling a home, but it is not hard to sell a home right now
    • In fact it is much harder to find a home to buy and we don’t have enough support for that
    • It is still hard to get people to move to high cost areas and we need more creative solutions
    • We need to simplify, we have too many complex policies

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    Morgan Crosby

    Written by Morgan Crosby