About AIRShare

At AIRINC, we pride ourselves on our unique data collection process, our collective years of international mobility expertise, and our dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients.  

As today's workforce becomes increasingly global, the role of HR professionals becomes increasingly complex .  We created AIRShare to share informative, anecdotal, and advisory content intended to help you support a mobile workforce.   

We hope you enjoy our blog!  If you have any questions, please contact us at AIRShare@air-inc.com.

Blog Authors

Gerry Abbey | Housing Analyst & Blog Manager
Lauren Basler | Data Research & Analysis | AIRINC
Steve Brink | President & CEO | AIRINC
Brooke Caligan | Benchmarking and Advisory Analytics Lead
Jeff Hawk | Vice President, Data and Analysis | AIRINC
Penny Lau | Data Research & Analysis | AIRINC Asia-Pacific
Matthew McClintic | Data Research & Analysis | AIRINC
Madara Štāla | Data Research & Analysis | AIRINC Europe
Jeremy Piccoli | Tax Manager | AIRINC
Zach Rossignol | Data Research & Analysis | AIRINC
Catherine Tylke | Business Development Analyst
Natalie Tong | Client Solutions Manager | AIRINC Asia-Pacific