AIRINC's 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey [Download]

    Mar 22, 2019 @ 02:15 AM / by Michelle Curran

    2019 Mobility Outlook Survey with over 150 participants!


    2019 Mobility Outlook Survey

    The 2019 Mobility Outlook Survey results are in! Mobility is increasingly focused on delivering value to customers. To achieve this, many are leveraging technology and vendor partnerships to streamline operations and improve the Mobility experience.

    When asked for this year’s priorities, 69% of participants selected simplifying administration, 63% chose enhancing the employee experience, and 48% indicated improving communications with the business.

    Proactively engaging customers for input, evergreen policy reviews, and searching the market for leading products, services, and technology are now part of Mobility’s regular activities. 


    2019 Mobility Outlook Survey from AIRINC: Download now to gain insights into the future of Global Mobility!Download now:

    2019 AIRINC Mobility Outlook Survey



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