AIRINC News: Interstellar Cost of Living Research Coming Soon!

    Apr 01, 2019 @ 12:10 AM / by Rob Zeitz


    Boldly taking cost of living research where no one has dared to go...until now!

    AIRINC is pleased to announce that we will be launching our Interstellar Cost of Living Research and Data Venture, effective today, April 1. We at AIRINC always strive to be one small step ahead of the curve, and feel this giant leap will be beneficial to AIRINC, as well as our clients and partners.

    AIRINC (Associates for International Research, Inc.) will officially be renaming itself to AIRINC (Associates for Interstellar Research, Inc.) in the near future.

    Space is a relatively new area for Global Mobility (soon to be Universal Mobility) to explore. AIRINC is looking forward to applying our on-the-ground experience and knowledge to areas beyond the atmosphere.

    Significant Attention to Hardship Premiums

    Furthermore, we expect Hardship premiums will remain a significant consideration for assignments to locations like the Moon. While pollution there is very low, there is no breathable atmosphere and there are extended periods of complete darkness. We anticipate assignees might find these facts of lunar life to be inconvenient.

    Assignees travelling to Alpha Centauri will endure 4 year waits for communication with Earth, which means they will be 4 seasons of television behind their colleagues on Earth. Cultural isolation will be high.

    Enhancements to AIRINC's Airfare Database 

    AIRINC has enhanced its Airfare Database to provide Spacefares. We will cover all of the usual assignment needs including trips for house tours, standard home leave, and one-way travel for relocation and repatriation, which we expect to significantly increase in demand due to travel times and uncertain assignment length as a result of the aforementioned isolation and hardship.

    As the Universe expands, so does AIRINC!

    We have expanded our Advisory Services offerings to meet the new challenges that come with interstellar expansion. AIRINC decision guides now feature long-term vs. short-term assignments, and will soon include extremely long-term assignments to locations thousands of light-years away. They will still come with the always adaptable flexibility to meet your specific business needs. See more about our expanded Advisory offerings by clicking here.

    As always, we here at AIRINC are looking to the future of Mobility and will be here to support your business as Globalization evolves into Cosmercialization!

    Happy April Fools' Day!

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    Rob Zeitz

    Written by Rob Zeitz

    Rob started at AIRINC in 2014 assisting the Data team with research projects. In 2016 he joined AIRINC’s client engagement team focused on clients with relatively smaller mobility programs. In 2019 Rob became a Client Engagement Manager, and currently works with clients of a variety of sizes and industries in the Central/Midwestern US, as well as Alberta, Canada.