AIRINC News: Expatriate Hardship - India versus China

    Jun 27, 2017 @ 11:59 AM / by Gerald Abbey

    Shanghai and New Delhi as seen during the recent AIRINC on-site cost of living surveys. Photos taken by AIRINC surveyors Omar Tarabishi and Meleah Paull.

    AIRINC was recently featured in the Economic Times for a quality of life analysis, The Global 150, that was published in the Harvard Business ReviewThe Economic Times examined the results for China and India and discussed business needs in today’s global markets with Fred Schlomann, Vice President, AIRINC Asia-Pacific Limited.

    “'To be able to support business objectives effectively, global mobility teams need to focus on three areas — developing the right set of policies that effectively support the business need; implementing the right organisational structure to effectively support the new strategic mandate for mobility; and fostering the right relationships within the organisation to ensure the success of the global mobility agenda.’”

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    Gerald Abbey

    Written by Gerald Abbey