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5-Days-in-Rome: Glimpse an AIRINC Cost of Living Survey in Action! [video]

Aug 07, 2019 @ 01:23 PM / by Gerald Abbey

The Colosseum at night, Rome, Italy

The Blur of an AIRINC Cost of Living Survey

Below is a video series taken by AIRINC Surveyor, Zenab Tavakoli, during her recent cost of living survey in Rome, Italy. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into survey life and the world of Global Mobility!





Day 1: On the Road to Realtors


See an AIRINC cost of living survey in action!Featured video!

What does a cost-of-living survey in action look like?


Day 2: Al Supermercato



Day 3: Unusual tourism


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Day 4: Getting around



Day 5: All Good Things...Must Come to an End


The long unused movie theatre named 'Cinema Marcelo da Veiga' in São Tomé. Photo taken by AIRINC surveyor Andrew Morollo. You may also like:

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Arrivederci, Roma!


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What's it like as a new AIRINC cost of living surveyor?





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Gerald Abbey

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