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AIRINC’s Global 150 Cities Index is a ranking of 150 of the top global locations according to the financial and lifestyle benefits they offer. It combines local salary levels, tax rates, living costs, and living conditions to assess how appealing each location is to live in. The data is collected by AIRINC’s own in-house survey team, who continuously research the costs and living conditions of many cities around the world to evaluate international mobility. 

AIRINC's Global 150 City Ranking as published in the Harvard Business Review. Photo of Zurich, Switzerland as seen during AIRINC's recent on-site cost of living survey.

AIRINC's Global 150: Lifestyle Ranking

We research and evaluate each location for over 60 hardship components, classified into 11 categories that represent Physical Threat and Safety (e.g., violence, crime, medical), Discomfort (e.g., climate, pollution, isolation), Inconvenience (e.g., availability of housing, recreation, goods and services, education facilities). We also adjust for the different levels of social and lifestyle benefits inherent in each country. See the Lifestyle Ranking now by clicking below:



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If you missed our feature article on the Global 150 Cities Index that appeared on the front page of the Harvard Business Review, you can read it now by clicking here.

Global Mobility and Your Business Needs

AIRINC helps companies address expatriate compensation and mobility issues in a complex and ever-changing global environment through thought-leading advisory services, high quality data services, and leading-edge technology solutions. 

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