5 Webinars for Global Mobility Success

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Whether you are new to global mobility, in need of a refresher, or simply want to keep on top of all things mobility, the Summer Institute Webinar Series is for you. This 5-part webinar series will cover mobility trends, the nuts and bolts of expatriate compensation, the keys to host plus and localization packages, an introduction to global compensation and leveling (in partnership with Korn Ferry Hay Group), managing your program over time, and a strategy roadmap to help you select the right mobility approach for your organization.

Choose the sessions of interest or attend them all. Each session will answer FAQs as well as provide a live question and answer opportunity for participants. Registration details below.

2016 Summer Institute Webinar Series

A review of the 2016 Mobility Outlook Survey results including: 
•    Policy trends with industry- and region-specific highlights 
•	Tracking the fastest growing policy types 
•	Flexibility in policies 
•	Mobility resources - what is insourced vs. outsourced; ratio of assignees to mobility staff 
•	Best practice companies report on their goals, strengths, and challenges
The Nuts and Bolts of Expatriate Compensation: Without a well-structured mobility program, companies may see unintended consequences, costly mistakes, and employee relation problems. Join us to learn more about: 
- Cross-border compensation approaches 
- Key types of compensation arrangements for both long- and short-term assignments, with a focus on balance sheet approach for long-term assignments 
- Key assignment-related policies around tax, incentives, benefits, housing, education and more 
- Levels of policy provisions necessary to align with business value
Summer Institute Webinar Series: Host Plus Solutions and an Introduction to Global Compensation from Korn Ferry Hay Group.  Increasingly, HR practitioners are challenged to evaluate the viability of host-based packages, particularly in comparison with the home-based balance sheet approach. Join us as we: 
- Explore other factors for consideration when evaluating the vialbility of host solutions, drawing on our recent benchmarking findings 
- Compare home-based and host-based assignment scenarios 
- Evaluate when host plus is a good financial fit for the assignee 
- Analyze the cost to the company of a home-based vs. a host-based approach 
- Offer an introduction to global compensation and leveling with guest speaker Mark Jackson of Korn Ferry Hay Group
Summer Institute Webinar Series. Managing your Program over time: Dealing with currency, inflation, and global changes. Economic volatility can dramatically affect expatriate compensation packages over time, and is best addressed via well-designed policies that balance company costs with assignee needs. 
Join us as we: 
- Assess how inflation, exchange rate changes, and other major economic events impact assignee pay 
- Determine when and how to respond to volatility 
- Review time-tested techniques to address volatility depending on pay approach 
- Discuss best practices with respect to policy design, administration, and communications
Strategy Roadmap: Selecting the right mobility approach for your organization. Successful mobility programs have well-developed and executed strategies. Learn how you can create your own strategic roadmap for success with advice including: 
- The three key elements of a successful mobility program and how to achieve them 
- Different types of mobility strategies 
- How to communicate your strategy 
- How to develop a roadmap to meet your objectives 
- Case studies of companies with successful mobility strategies

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